X3Cng is an international group active in the energy market. X3Cng is young, smart and professional. In few years the company became an active player in natural gas sales to B2Bs.

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  • 43123 / Via Paradigna 38/A
    Parma, ITALY
  • phone: +39 02-89959849
    fax: +39 02-47921189
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How to fill

1.Turn the lever counterclockwise to retract the coupling teeth.
2.Connect the nozzle and turn the lever clockwise to lock it into place. Note: In a bi-fuel vehicle, you may have to remove the gasoline cap before connecting the nozzle.
3.Swipe your debit or credit card and flip the switch on the dispenser. Natural gas will flow, and you will hear the dispenser turn on and off as it gathers information on temperature and pressure. A gauge on the dispenser will tell you when your tank is full and stop automatically. It is impossible to overfill a CNG tank.
4.Disconnect the hose, return it to the dispenser and replace all fuel caps.

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