X3Cng is an international group active in the energy market. X3Cng is young, smart and professional. In few years the company became an active player in natural gas sales to B2Bs.

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  • 43123 / Via Paradigna 38/A
    Parma, ITALY
  • phone: +39 02-89959849
    fax: +39 02-47921189
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The company

X3ENERGYGROUP is a leader in three areas:

1. Marketing: Natural Gas and electricity sales to B2B
2. Energy Efficiency: Innovative solutions that reduce company costs and improve energy consumption
3. CNG Stations: develop, Own and operates CNG stations in Italy and the USA.

X3Energy headquartered in Parma, Italy was started in 2010. In Italy, X3Energy is a market leader in suppling energy solutions to medium/large businesses.
We facilitate the acquisition of natural gas and electricity and implement enhanced energy efficiency solutions. Our solutions result in reduced operating costs.
Leveraging on it s natural gas expertise, X3Energy provides alternative fuels through its network of compressed natural gas (CNG) filling stations in Italy and the United States.
In the US, X3 is the largest operator of CNG stations in Colorado. Currently operating 10 stations and expanding to 15 in the next 24 months.

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